The Core


Drummer/Writer. Hugest AC/DC fan, also Prince and Snarky Puppy. (He actually is a pro, runs his own drum school and writes textbooks. Visit his personal website at


Writer/Singer/Multi-instrumental. Huge Oceansize fan, also Keane and Motorpsycho. (Not a pro. Passionate and fearless though. Being a computer scientist pays the rent.)

The Beauty

These two guys are the second half of DEED on stage and the most valuable source of choreographing our live appearance. Working together feels like we have been together from the start. So give it up, ladies and gentlemen, for…


Bassist since the inception of mankind. In the back with Max. Pluckin‘ and slappin‘. (Also not a pro, but man, that dude has the groove down. Computer scientist in his former life, now a care specialist in assisted living)


Guitar player deluxe. If Adam can’t play it, it’s not worth it. Kickin‘ out riffs and layin‘ down licks like a pro (He actually is a pro, working as a tour guitarist and running his own school. Check him out  at!)